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5 Best Place to Hunt in the U.S.

Across the United States, there are millions of square feet of mountainous terrain, forestation, and other wooded areas for hunters to explore — however, the question is, where in this great country of ours are the best places to hunt? Our outdoor fanatics at Wall Tent Shop, where you can buy everything from glamping tents online to tent camping gear, have your complete list of where you need to be hunting this year.

  • Northwest Montana
  • If you’re trying to bag your first black bear, look no further than the upper Northwestern portions of Montana. In the regions north and west of Missoula, the success rate in black bear hunting in the spring is a staggering 90%.

  • Kentucky
  • One of the best-kept secrets in the world of hunting is in the Bluegrass State. Kentucky sits at the top of the list as the state that has it all when it comes to hunting. Hunters can enjoy long seasons with friendly regulations, a healthy and balanced herd, and a ton of public land with trophy deer potential.  

  • South Central Kansas
  • Another great spot to get your hands on some prized whitetail deer is in South Central Kansas. In this area, there is both rolling hills, flat terrain, bountiful access to the public, and a ridiculous amount of deer running around.   

  • Upper Peninsula, Michigan
  • Seasoned hunters on the prowl for a bobcat should visit Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during one of their first snow falls. Bobcats are stealthy creatures that can be very difficult to find; however, snow-dusted land solves that problem. Bobcat hunting season starts in January and ends in March.

  • South Dakota
  • In South Dakota, you are required to have a permit to hunt (like most places), but it’s the ultimate destination if you’re looking to hunt pheasants. Pierre, South Dakota has been named “pheasant country,” where data from 2011 reported an approximate 30 roosters per square mile just in Hughes County. If you travel a little north of Pierre, the state has some of the best partridge numbers as well.

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