canvas tents

Wall Tent and Wall Tents

Wall Tent Standard features
  • Determine the standard features wall tents have that you are considering and the cost of additional features/options you want.
  • Most wall tent buyers want at the minimum these standard features:
    • Front door with zipper
    • Stove jack
    • 9" - 10" vinyl sod cloth to keep wall tents clean and sealed against the ground
    • Rope with tensioners
  • It should be noted that all tent canvas used in US manufactured wall tents is imported from primarily Pakistan, India and lately China. Where the canvas is made is not a factor since tent canvas that is imported to the US must meet US canvas specifications, i.e. Army Duck, Boat shrunk, Marine Grade, 10.1 oz, 12 oz etc. Imported fire treated canvas must meet Federal and State fire treatment requirements.
Wall Tent cost comparison:
  • If the wall tents you are considering purchasing do not have the standard features listed above, you need to add the costs of those features to the price of the tent before you can make a valid  wall tent comparison.
  • Some wall tent manufacturers list common standard features as options to increase the price of the tent from an initial low advertising price.