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Rich Tuck, the owner of talks about the new free features and options on his popular Wilderness Canvas Wall Tent.


"Just wanted to say thank you all so very much. This is our first tent and the time you spent on the phone to assist me in picking the right one for my husband and I was so greatly appreciated." Jake and Debbie, California

"A little note regarding a tent I just purchased from you guys. Took my 14+12 Wilderness tent on an Elk hunt. It worked great despite the rain we had every day." Elk hunter
"I have a couple of friends that are outfitters and both really like the quality and features of your Wilderness Tents. I want 16 x 20." John

"Great tent. There is no comparison in price and quality in any canvas tent I've ever seen." Mark

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Floors. I am often asked if it is ok to use canvas as a tent floor. The quick answer is no. A canvas tent floor will absorb water regardless if it is water and mildew treated. A canvas roof does not absorb water and leak because the roof is at an angle and rain runs down the roofline and side walls quickly. A canvas floor will have pools of water if you are in rain or snow conditions. Additionally, a canvas floor will turn black and have mold on it. Not healthy. Use a heavy vinyl floor in a wall tent If you are going to use a floor.




FREE SHIPPING & NO SALES TAX, except Idaho residents.


You can pay 1/4 down and balance within 6 months. Your item will ship when the purchase is paid in full.

If you find a lower price for the same product or similar product, please give us a call and we will match the price.

I RECOMMEND YOU CALL, 1-800-234-1150, OR EMAIL ME if you are just starting camping and have questions. There are numerous types of canvas wall tents for sale on the internet, three canvas treatments available and differences in standard features in each internet company wall tent model. We can provide recommendations and then you can decide what is best for you.

PREPPERS, JULIE ROWE bought her tent at the Tent Shop.
Julie authored A Greater Tomorrow and The Time Is Now.

I suggest you read my Canvas Wall Tent Info Guide. It provides much information on 20 different topics that will assist you in selecting the correct canvas wall tent model and size to purchase.

Quality canvas tents are necessity during hunting trips and especially in the back country. I live in a canvas tent six to seven weeks a year while hunting elk, deer, and bear in the Idaho Wilderness. All hunting tents and stoves have been thoroughly tested.

OUR GUARANTEE. Wilderness tents are guaranteed for 2 years for workmanship and material.

FREE TENT FEATURES. There is no other hunting tent on the market that has the Wilderness free standard features, I guarantee it. Free features include  back door or back window, reinforced ridge with an extra layer of canvas, sod cloth, storm flap over door zipper, reinforced eave with webbing and D rings, ridge lodge pole openings, tent bag and stove jack.

IF YOU ARE PRESSED FOR TIME and need a canvas tent, a stove and an angle kit to make a frame. I can ship the wilderness canvas tent, the wilderness stove or Yukon stove and the wilderness angle kit 1 day after purchase.

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