Proudly made in the USA!

Panther Indian Tipi delivery date is approximately 12 - 14 weeks.



Standard Features and Options:

The No-Leak Door Cover: A double-thick door flap attaches inside the tipi at the top, then comes outside and ties off, so it sheds water just like a shingle.  Sewn in are 3 sleeves and included are 3 dowel poles to keep the door rigid when closed.  This design makes it easy for you to roll up your door and tie it open or securely tie it closed.

Floors: Floors are available with or without a 36" diameter hole for a fire-pit.  All floors are made from 10oz Sunforger Flame Retardant Canvas and they are rectangular with grommets around the edge.  This is so you can use it as a tarp or dining fly as well as a floor.  When you want to use it for your tipi floor cloth you simply fold under the corners to fit the shape of the tipi.

Ozans: An ozan is sort of a drop ceiling for the back one third of your living area.  It sits above the liner and it helps keep heat from your fire over the bedding area.  It also protects bedding from water droplets during a severe rain storm.

Lacing Pins: Our lacing pins are 3/8" diameter hardwood.  Each end is pointed and the sanded for easy placement through the lacing pin holes.

Leather Trim: A 1" strip of leather trim sewn around the opening, lift flap, and along the base of the smoke flaps.  This is not needed for strength -- it is purely decorative and looks great.

Painting Instructions: These come free with your tipi order.  We recommend an acrylic fabric paint for this, available at most art supply stores.

Deck Instructions: These come free with your order if you'd like to set your tipi on a wooden deck.  The basic design works well.


Tipi Poles: Due to the complicated logistics and cost of shipping tipi poles, it is best to purchase or make these locally.  These may be found at specialty fencing stores, certain lumber yards, or custom wood mills.

The ideal pine pole is straight with an average diameter of 2 1/4" - 3" at the base.  It is a good idea to treat your poles with a wood preserver.  This will increase their lifespan and makes them look fantastic!


Available for Shipping to Canada -- Please Email for Quote