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A heavy duty tent is an absolute necessity for hunting and prolonged camping.

The most popular heavy duty canvas tent we have available is our wilderness

Wilderness tents are made tough to withstand snow and rain without leaks or damage.

The Wilderness heavy duty canvas tent is the strongest and most reinforced tent available.

Wilderness features include: 

Reinforced ridge with a double layer of canvas. When you are tying down your eave ropes to the ground you are putting a lot of pressure on the ridge. The double layer reinforces the ridge to prevent any damage.

Eaves reinforced with webbing. Eaves with webbing are much stronger compared to tent eaves that have either rope or vinyl reinforcement. 

D rings on eaves are used instead of the normal grommets.  Metal grommets can be easily pulled out requiring replacement at considerable cost and time.

Storm flap over door zipper to protect your zipper from snow and freezing rain. 

Army duck double fill canvas the strongest canvas available.  Two cotton strands are twisted together into one single strand making it much stronger than single fill canvas.

Many of the wilderness heavy duty canvas tents for sale are sold to outfitters who require tough durable tents for their long hunting trips. 

Another heavy duty canvas tent for sale is the Montana Outfitter which is also popular with hunters and outfitters.

There are many similarities between the wilderness and the Montana outfitter.  The main difference between these very heavy duty canvas tents is that the wilderness has the eave webbing with D rings and the Montana has grommets on the eaves with rope reinforcement,