Pellet burner kit allows you to burn both wood pellets and firewood.

Purchase hardwood pellets which will create less ash and longer burn time.

The benefits of burning pellets is instant heat and no gathering firewood or splitting wood. 

Pellet stove installation kit includes instruction sheet as well as a cutting template is provided which will allow you to install the pellet burner kit.

Also included is a hinged plate that must be used.

If you want to burn wood in your stove, remove the pellet burner. Install the hinged plate which covers the opening in the back of your stove made for the pellet burner.

SET UP INSTRUCTIONS   (included with stove)

Use in camp stove installation only.

Install in stove no smaller than 275 square inches.

Install 1 1/2" from bottom of the stove - centered

Unhook the  slider chain and clean the burner head every other day.

Use gel fire starter or a burnsomatic torch to light the pellets.

Do not open the stove door during use as it will reverse draft. 

View pellet stove operation video