Size # of Rafters Weight Price
8x10 3 40 lbs $470
10x12 3 54 lbs $490
10x14 3 57 lbs $505
12x14 4 65 lbs $665
12x17 4 70 lbs $690
14x16 4 73 lbs $700
14x17 4 75 lbs $710
14x20 5 82 lbs $875
16x20 5 83 lbs $890
16x23 6 86 lbs 1070
16x24 6 88 lbs $1100
18x23 6 91 lbs $1150
18x24 6 94 lbs $1175

SHIPPING PRICES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN INTERNAL TENT FRAME PRICES.  Email or call us with your zip code.  Shipping varies significantly based on customer location.


You must provide tent measurements as each frame is custom made to fit a specific tent.

Click angle kit instructions for info on how to measure tent measurements A, B, C, D as required above. Write A, B, C, D measurements in box above. 


Kwik Kamp is usually 2 to 3 weeks behind in shipping aluminum and galvanized steel wall frames tent because Kwik Kamp is a national brand.


Aluminum canvas tent frames are available from Kwik Kamp. Normal ship time is about 2 weeks after ordering.


Kwik Kamp frames are slightly heavier duty than a standard canvas tent frame.



 1 1/2" outside diameter.

 Slip joint allows quick and easy setup.

 40% lighter than Pro Packer steel frame.



Rafters will be 2 piece.  3 piece rafters are not possible.

Any tent length, the horizontal piece between rafters and legs, 5' or longer will be 2 pieces.  Less than 5' will be 1 piece tent lengths.

Legs will be 1 piece.


FRAME OPTIONS  call to order

2 piece legs for 3 rafters $40

2 piece legs for 4 rafters $50

2 piece legs for 5 rafters $60


RECOMMENDATIONS: There are lighter aluminum tent frames available for canvas tents but I would not recommend them except for a 8 x 10. However, The Kwik Kamp frame can easily support normal size hunting tents.  Lighter frames have very thin walls and cannot withstand much of a snow load.  A frame for a new canvas tent should be reduced 2% to allow for canvas shrinkage.