Tent Size Weight Price (Frame Only) Number of Struts Weight Price (Frame with Struts)
8x10x5 21 lbs $245 8 42 lbs $305
10x12x5 22 lbs $290 8 45 lbs $365
12x12x5 25 lbs $330 10 49 lbs $395
12x14x5 25 lbs $350 12 51 lbs $430
12x17x5 30 lbs $375 14 61 lbs $465
12x20x5 32 lbs $385 16 65 lbs $475
14x16x5 36 lbs $465 14 73 lbs $540
16x20x5 40 lbs $530 16 81 lbs $620
18x24x5 44 lbs $630 18 89 lbs $735
  1. A frame can be used on A frame tents or wall tents.
  2. A Frame can be used in the tent or outside.
  3. A frame is a very good tent frame for use on uneven ground. A frame is made of tubular steel.
  4. Size of pipe varies depending on size of A frame tent. Size of pipe: 12 feet wide and narrower A frames has 1 1/4" and 1" outside diameter tubing/pipe for A frame and ridge line. 14 feet and wider A frames uses 1 7/16 and 1 1/4" outside diameter tubing.
  5. A Center pole is not required for 12' or less, unless you anticipate a heavy snow load.
  6. Center support pole provided for wall tents 13' and longer. Center pole for a 12' and shorter is an additional $80.00.
  7. A frame fits inside the A frame tent and is easy to adjust. Tighten eye bolt on ridge once length has been adjusted to tent length. Frame width is adjusted by spreading A-frame legs and tightening eye bolts.
  8. One person set up - ten to fifteen minutes.
  9. Two pieces of adjustable pipe are welded on each side of ridge pole ends where the A frame poles are inserted on each side of the ridge pole. A frame poles can be adjusted to fit the WIDTH AND LENGTH of the tent, then locked into place with eye bolts that are provided.
  10. Standard size wall tents and A frame tent vary with each tent manufacturer. The internal A frame allows for approximately one foot adjustment in height, width and depth of A frame tent standard dimensions.
  11. 1/2" outside diameter struts hold up the walls. By using struts there is no wall bar along the eave where water, ice, and snow normally build up. The outside struts holds the wall up but lets the water run off the edge.
  12. If camp is left empty for a few days, the walls can be let down while leaving the A frame intact. This way the snow and ice will not accumulate.
  13. Carrying bag included in price.
  14. Specify wall height, if ordering A frame with struts, in the comments section of check out form.
  15. The major drawback to any A frame is no rafters for roof support
  16. Recommendation: If you are looking for an A frame or a pole set, this internal A frame is the easiest to set up and provides the most ridge support because of the center pole.