Mini Sportsman Sportsman Ranger w/built in oven
    Tent Heating Capability 10x10 Spike Tent or 8x10 Wall Tent 14x16 14x16
    Size 10"H x 15"L x 8.5"W 15"H x 22"L x 13"W Stove (25"H x 22.5L x 1/4"W) Oven (25"H x 22.5"L x 11"W)
    Collapsed Size 3"H x 15"L x 8.5"W 3.5"H x 22"L x 13"W 3.5"H x 22.5"L x 33"W
    Weight 15 lbs 26 lbs w/pipe and case 42 lbs (w/15" legs) 36 lbs (4" legs)
    Construction 26 gauge 24 gauge 24 gauge
    Holds Heat 2-3 hours 4-5 hours 6-7 hours
    Set Up Time 1 minute 1 minute 3 minutes
    Nesting Pipe at Stove Diameter (26 gauge) 3" 3.5"-5" (at stove) 3.5" (at stove jack) 4.25" stove pipe end 5" 3.5"-5" (at stove) 3.5" (at stove jack) 4.25" stove pipe end 5"
    Pipe Length (fits in carrying case) 7' Included 7' Included 7' Included
    Canvas Case Included Included Included
    Oven Purchase Separately Included (Specify Right or Left)
    Price $235 $345 (4" legs) $395 (15" legs) $535 (4" legs) $585 (15" legs)


    A quality camp stove or pack stove is a necessity for any sportsman that uses a tent stove in the fall or winter to ensure clothing can be dried quickly.

    Call to pay for sims stoves and accessories as accessory buy tabs are not working.

    50 year history of Sims quality stoves.

    Sportsman and Ranger tops reinforced with three 1/8" bars.

    A Sims stove will normally ship 1 - 4 weeks after payment Sims Stoves

    Only takes a minute to assemble, requires no bolts or screws