Pyramid Tents available in 3 models. All 3 can be made out of canvas. The Montana Canvas Range Tent can be made from Relite, a synthetic lightweight material. 


Our most popular Pyramid Tent is the Raghorn. Standard features are listed below.


  • Army duck canvas, double filled, the highest quality canvas available.
  • Pyramid tents remains one of the most versatile and easy to use tents that there is.
  • Pyramid tent can be set up simply a single interior pole, or simply suspending the peak from a tree branch.
  • Zippered door with 8 inch storm flap with ties
  • Peak has a grommet and a metal ring with webbing to support weight of pyramid tent.
  • One foot of webbing on 4 corner seams going to the top as it connects to the peak metal ring.
  • Stake loops at bottom wall edge approximately every 3 feet.
  • D-rings with webbing half way up corner walls to pull out and stake to keep the walls taunt..
  • Sewn in vinyl floor is standard feature using a dull white flame resistant vinyl.
  • Stove jack will be a minimum of 48" from a corner and 48" in from the bottom part of the wall, then straight up, for heat stand off requirements.