Montana Canvas spike tents available in either 10.1 oz Canvas, Blend (Canvas Roof and Relite Sidewalls) or Relite - A 250D Polyester material.


    Blend spike tent has a canvas roof and relite side walls. A blend tent will not cause condensation within the tent.

    Relite, a synthetic material, will cause condensation from normal breathing. Condensation will be significantly worse when a propane heater is used. To eliminate condensation in a relite spike tent you mast have a window partially open in the warm months and a wood stove in operation in colder months.

    Relite tent and relite fly is available in tan.


    If weight is your major factor then a relite spike tent is worth considering.

    I would recommend the blend If you are concerned about both weight and condensation.

    If neither weight nor condensation is a factor then the all canvas spike tent is recommended. I am a traditionalist and just prefer canvas over synthetic materials. Rich


    12 x 12 is 4'


    12 x 12 has 4 poles along each side wall and 2 poles beside front and back doors.


    12x12 Blend 63 lbs, poles 12 lbs, fly 12 lbs

    Spike tent can be purchased TENT ONLY or as a PACKAGE which includes tent, aluminum frame and fly. Click package to view spike tent package information.


    Zippered Door with Buckles
    3 Windows ( 24" high x 30 wide" )
    Front Screen Door with normal vertical zipper and horizontal zipper
    Sewn-in Floor with normal vertical zipper and horizontal zipper
    Eave Ropes
    Stove Jack 4 or 5 inches. Specify size when ordering.
    Tent Bag
    Front Screen Door with normal vertical zipper and horizontal zipper and sewn in floor makes your tent totally bug and varmint proof. Probably a good idea if your wife camps or hunts with you.

    Very simple and easy to set up if you don't purchase the frame. Use a single pole system or just tie a knot in the end of a rope and funnel rope through peak opening and tie rope to a tree branch. Stake out the side walls.
    The tent set up will not be as good as the aluminum frame system but will work fine under normal conditions. However, if you expect snow loads then the aluminum frame set up is strongly recommended. Without the aluminum frame your tent roof will sag under the weight of snow. Additionally, your side walls will eventually collapse under snow loads as the side walls are only supported by ropes staked to your wall stakes.
    If a proper size tree branch is not available, secure a pole between two trees that are close together and tie to a rope that you funnel though the peak opening and raise your spike tent in that manner.
    The Montana Canvas spike tent is very popular with horsemen who change camping or hunting locations often.
    Montana Canvas makes quality tents and has a very good warranty on all Montana Canvas products.  All warranty issues are handled directly by the Montana Canvas Company.
    I used the relite spike tent last elk hunting season. We packed in 12 miles on horses. Light load and easy set up. Kept the stove going at night to avoid the condensation issue. Tent worked fine and kept us warm and dry. Even though it rained continuously the relite tent was easy to pack out. A normal canvas tent would have been very heavy as it would have soaked up the water. The relite didn't absorb the water keeping the tent nice and light to pack out. We will get many years of hunting from this tent. Tom

    Tent Size Peak Height Wall Height Tent Weight - 10oz Canvas

     Tent Weight - Blend

    Tent Weight - Relite Frame Weight Fly Weight Tent Only Frame Fly
    12 x 12 8'6" 4' 88 lb 63 lb 38 lb 12 lb 12 lb $1045  $165 $535