Baker Style Lean-to


Baker Tent delivery date is approximately 12 - 14 weeks.

The Baker Lean-to looks like a wall tent that's been cut in half long way, with a flap added to the front.

Technically, it is not historically authentic to the fur trade era, but is widely accepted at rendezvous.

Privacy Curtain: The privacy curtain are sewn on the the front side edge, so your front corners are sealed off from wind and rain.  This design allow you to use each curtain as a "wing" to block off weather from getting under your canopy when you're relaxing beneath it.

Front Curtain: You can also "add a room" under the front flap by extended the curtains frontwards along the side of the canopy and adding a front curtain.  The privacy curtains do no extended do the front corners, the front curtain overlaps part of the side for coverage.  This extra space is great for storage and privacy, but would be inadequate for living space.