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Miss Kitty Oven: 13"x18"x13"  18 lbs
Matt Dillon Oven:  14"x23"x13"  30 lbs

Bake a casserole, pie, biscuits, cake or even a turkey in these chimney ovens. 

3 ways to control oven temperature!

  1. Stove draft control
  2. Oven damper
  3. Oven relief vent

Chimney Ovens come standard with a 6" opening.  A 5" - 6" adapter is also included if your stove hole opening is 5".

Simply close the chimney damper, and your meal cooks as air circulates around the outer jacket.

The temperature may range as high as 500°F.

 Ovens break down into small packages and are uniquely designed to fit inside of stoves.