3 Safety Tips All Hunters Should Follow

As we grow closer and closer to the official start of winter, many hunters will soon be planning winter hunting trips. As we are currently in the peak of small game season, many hunters are taking advantage of the good weather before it gets too cold. As the top choice for the best hunting tents, we here at Wall Tent Shop, want all hunters to stay safe and follow important safety rules when hunting alone or in groups.

If you are planning a hunting trip soon, it is important to remember these three safety tips:

If Going Alone, Let Someone Know

It is not uncommon for hunters to wake up early in the morning and go hunting by themselves. While there is nothing wrong with doing so, we highly recommend always checking in with a family member or friend before embarking into the woods. Whether it be a phone call, voicemail, or text message, letting someone know that you're going out hunting and what time you expect to finish can help others act quickly if any injuries or emergencies occur.

Be Vigilant of Surroundings

An experienced hunter knows how vital it is to be alert of their surroundings at all times. In reality, you aren't alone in the woods even though it can easily feel like you are. Being alert of your surroundings can help prevent you from wandering into unexpected animals or other hunters. Unfortunately, many hunters are shot and injured by other hunters due to negligence or by accident.

Don’t Force It

As much as you have been looking forward to a hunting trip, it is important to remember to never go hunting if the environmental conditions are not good or safe. Lousy weather and questionable gear can both prevent you from hunting. If the conditions are not ideal, always reschedule before forcing a trip.  

Before you embark on a trip in the great outdoors, it is important to make sure you are outfitted with the best gear and equipment possible. We invite you to browse the selection at Wall Tent Shop. Our luxury camping tents and portable hot stoves can help make spending time outdoors much more enjoyable. Give us a call anytime at 800-234-1150 for more information.

5 Best Place to Hunt in the U.S.

Across the United States, there are millions of square feet of mountainous terrain, forestation, and other wooded areas for hunters to explore — however, the question is, where in this great country of ours are the best places to hunt? Our outdoor fanatics at Wall Tent Shop, where you can buy everything from glamping tents online to tent camping gear, have your complete list of where you need to be hunting this year.

  • Northwest Montana
  • If you’re trying to bag your first black bear, look no further than the upper Northwestern portions of Montana. In the regions north and west of Missoula, the success rate in black bear hunting in the spring is a staggering 90%.

  • Kentucky
  • One of the best-kept secrets in the world of hunting is in the Bluegrass State. Kentucky sits at the top of the list as the state that has it all when it comes to hunting. Hunters can enjoy long seasons with friendly regulations, a healthy and balanced herd, and a ton of public land with trophy deer potential.  

  • South Central Kansas
  • Another great spot to get your hands on some prized whitetail deer is in South Central Kansas. In this area, there is both rolling hills, flat terrain, bountiful access to the public, and a ridiculous amount of deer running around.   

  • Upper Peninsula, Michigan
  • Seasoned hunters on the prowl for a bobcat should visit Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during one of their first snow falls. Bobcats are stealthy creatures that can be very difficult to find; however, snow-dusted land solves that problem. Bobcat hunting season starts in January and ends in March.

  • South Dakota
  • In South Dakota, you are required to have a permit to hunt (like most places), but it’s the ultimate destination if you’re looking to hunt pheasants. Pierre, South Dakota has been named “pheasant country,” where data from 2011 reported an approximate 30 roosters per square mile just in Hughes County. If you travel a little north of Pierre, the state has some of the best partridge numbers as well.

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    The 5 Best Places to Camp in The United States

    Camping is one of America’s greatest national pastimes — there’s nothing else like it. It brings you closer to nature and lets you experience a simpler life, even if you’re only living it for the weekend. When you’re out in nature you can fish, hike, go kayaking or canoeing, or even hunt. In short, camping lets you experience the simpler things, and you always feel better for it.

    One of the best things about living in the United States is the extensive amount of places we can camp. Choosing the best place to camp can come down to personal preference, but if you know a little bit more about the places you’re thinking about going to, you can make an educated decision on where to plan your next trip. Despite there being so many campsites in the States that you couldn’t even list them in a top 50, the team at Wall Tent Shop has narrowed our favorite ones down into a top 5.

    1. Arches National Park, Utah

    Arches National Park is, perhaps, one of the most famous places on this list. Not only is Arches National Park one of the most beautiful places in the United States, but it also has some of the most sought-after landmarks around the world. Offering fantastic views and challenging hikes, it’s no wonder that Arches has a limited number of campsites.

    1. Olympic National Park, Washington

    Olympic National Park is unique in that it contains three different ecosystems within one preserved area. These are a subalpine forest with wildflower meadows, a temperate forest, and the Pacific shoreline. Spanning 1,442 square miles, campers will have no issue finding a location to settle down at Olympic National Park.

    1. Adirondack Park, New York

    The Adirondack Park spans 6 million acres of wilderness. Unlike other protected locations, the Adirondack Park has many quaint (yet enticing) towns intermingled among the forest. There are hundreds of campsites and what feels like even more trails, each of which ranges in difficulty. Visitors will be happy to note that the Adirondack Park has hundreds of water systems, meaning opportunities to fish, kayak, or canoe will never be hard to find.

    1. Acadia National Park, Maine

    Acadia National Park is the only East Coast location to make our list. Acadia is known for it’s beautiful and fun small town, but the wilderness surrounding it offers campers the retreat they need. People interested in hiking can take on Cadillac Mountain, but others can spend the day boating or fishing in the Gulf of Maine (only in the summer of course).

    And who can forget the primary reason for visiting Maine? “Lobsta!” as the locals would say.

    1. Denali National Park, Alaska

    Denali National Park, just like the Adirondack Park in NY, delivers 6 million acres of wilderness. Denali, however, is mostly untouched. Offering 291 campsites and the United State’s tallest peak (Mt. McKinley), it’s no wonder campers would want to visit Denali.

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