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Click wall tents if you want to view other reenactor Wall Tent Shop tents. The raghorn pyramid tent can also be made for reenactors and ship time is about 2 weeks from ordering pyramid tents.

All Panther pyramid tent models are below retail. Panther tent delivery date is approxiamtely 6 to 7 weeks.

Reenactor tents are also known as a civil war tent.

Panther tents are specifically designed for reeanactors.



The major concern with a one-poler pyramid is how strong the peak is. The peak must be able to handle tremendous amounts of stress. Panther pyramid tents have a well rein-forced peak, with double layers of canvas and heavy duty loops to help distribute weight and stress evenly when you use the no-pole or two-pole method of set up. Inside, you get a weight dispersion block of wood, for use with the one-pole set up. Our normal door has 6” overlapping facings that tie inside and out for snug clo-sure. There is also a 14” facing along the bottom of the door to keep out uninvited critters. You also have the option of a tipi style door with roll up cover flap for an extra charge. The bottom corners are also high stress points, so we give you rolled canvas peg loops and a reinforcement at each one. Canvas sod cloth is included.Tie in floor is an option for all panther pyramid tents..


Original Sizes
Flame Retardant Canvas 10.38 oz Sunforger Marine Boatshrunk 10.38 oz Sunforger w/Flame Retardant 13 oz Sunforger w/Flame Retardant Set-Up Pkg 1 Pole Method Wt Poles Approx Pole Length 1 pole, Inside Approx Pole Length 2 poles, Outside
7x7x7 $275 $226 $250 $270 $52 25lbs 6' 10" 9'6"
10x10x8 $430 $340 $390 $430 $53 30lbs 8' 12'
12x12x9 $560 $420 $510 $560 $95 35lbs 8'10" 14'
15x15x9'6" $800 $615 $720 $800 $114 45lbs 9'3" 15'
TALL BOY SIZES            
12x12x11 $600 $460 $535 $595 $112   10'10" 15'
15x15x13 $900 $675 $800 $900 $238   12'10" 17'
17x17x14 $1075 $815 $960 $1075 $238   13'10" 18'
FLY For:                
10x10 $89 $69 $79 $87 $69      
12x12 $118 $88 $104 $115 $69      
15x15 $168 $124 $149 $165 $69      
17x17 $320 $228 $278 $315 $125      
FLOORS For:                
7x7 $104 $62 $94 $102        
10x10 $186 $125 $168 $184        
12x12 $244 $180 $218 $240        
15x15 $375 $280 $330 $370        
17x17 $462 $360 $405 $450        

NOTE: Fly Set Up Package includes 2 to 4 poles depending on size, guy ropes and stakes.
Scroll down for detail information on flys, floors and doors.

Tent set up package upright center pole, stakes and stake bag.

Stakes required: 10x10 , 16 stakes, 12 x12, 24 stakes , 15x15 32 stakes.

SHIPPING: FOB West Virginia


Tipi Style Door $55.00
Extra Door $25.00
Fly Pole Hole for connecting fly over 2 tents $20.00 each
Stove Jack/Stove Hole Insert $45.00 each
Fly set up package Call for prices
Stakes $1.75 each

*Cost for a tent with 2 doors, both tipi style is $135.00 extra ($25.00 + $55.00 + $55.00)

Cost for a tent with 1 tipi style door is $80 extra, ($25.00 + $55)


  1. The Panther Pyyramid tent gives you the flexibility of three different set up possibilities.
    For a one pole set up: simply place the pole inside the tent, propping up the middle.
  2. In the two pole set-up you just tie the peak of the tent to the point where the two poles cross. By lifting the poles and propping their butts against the ground, no guywires or ropes are needed for set-up.
  3. For setting up with no poles, you must tie a rope to the loops at the peak and throw the rope over a tree limb and tie it off.


Heavy Duty Peak Loop, Inside Reinforced Layer, Reinforced Canvas Loops All Around, Outer Protective Hood, Double Layer Canvas Peak, Third Layer of Canvas as Buffer, Wooden Weight Dispersion Block, Triple Layer Canvas, Peak with Wooden Weight Dispersion Block and Protective

TIE-IN FLOOR - We sewed in these floors at one time, but the tie-in idea is much better. Because every panther pyrmaid tent comes with a sod cloth on all four sides, the tie-in floor can work in conjunction to totally seal up the gaps from uneven ground just like a sewn in floor. The major advantage of the tie-in floor is that it can be taken out for cleaning and drying. Super ground cloth/ floor which has a poly material sewn on bottom of floor to prevent mildew and rot.Call for prices.

THE DOOR - Standard door has overlap facings that tie inside and out and a 14” tall facing along the bottom. We do offer a tipi style (oval cut) door opening with a double thick roll up cover flap. The flap is sewn on above the door and ties closed or open. It has sleeves just like our tipi door cover so you can use dowels or willow branches to make it lay flat. The cost is $55.00

We strongly recommend the extra door for your panther pyramid tent. It provides ventilation for those hot summer days, and believe me that can make all the difference in the world! A screen window will not give the same effect. The cost for an extra door is $20.00.

FLYS - You may wish to add a fly to your Panthr Pyramid tent. They are great for covering your entry way from rain and for a sun/rain canopy to sit under. Our flys are sold separately . We make all Panther Pyramids tent flys to tie on under a flap that is on your tent. Because your Panther Pyramid tent will already have this flap over each door, you can add a fly at any time after purchasing your tent! Below are the specifications for our hunter’s tent flys.
Tent Size (base) Dimensions of Fly
10’X10’ 36” width flares out to 8’9” wide. Length is 8’.
12’x12’ 42” width flares out to 10’ wide. Length is 10’.
15’x15’ 48” width flares out to 10’ wide. Length is 12’.
17’x17’ 6’ width flares out to 14’ wide. Length is 16’.

FLY POLE HOLE - This is for putting a ridge pole through above the door to tie off to your upright
in the tent. Another upright holds up the other end out in front of the tent. For use with our regular tent flys. Not needed for the flys described above.

SIZES - Research shows that sizes of original pyramid tents ranged from 7’x7’x7’ to 15’x15’x9’6” and we offer 4 sizes within this range. Pyramid tents taller than 9’6”are not documented as authentic. The taller sizes have been added due to your requests. You get more head-room, but you also need longer pole(s).

SET-UP PACKAGES - You’ll get a center pole for the inside of the tent, and enough tent stakes to
set up the tent. (This is the 1-POLE set-up method). If you order a set-up pkg. for a fly you’ll get 2 to 4 poles 6’ long (dependingon fly size), guy ropes and stakes. Poles are 1 1/2" x 2 1/2"

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