Rebar stakes made of 1/2" rebar.

Standard sizes are 12" and 18". 

Double T 18" stake.  Fly rope goes on top T stake and eave rope goes on bottom T on stake to provide a gap between fly and tent roof.

DOUBLE T STAKE HAS BEEN IMPROVED. The top T has been deleted and  changed to an Upside down L.  The top of stake looks just like the standard 18".  Much stronger than the normal top T and more durable.  Call if you have questions.

Recommend heavy duty stakes for staking down your tent using the eave ropes.  Tents are like large sails in the wind and your tent will blow away if not staked to the ground properly.

Stakes along walls can be inexpensive stakes available at any sporting goods store or Walmart.  These wall stakes only keep your walls down to prevent wind from blowing in to the tent from beneath the walls.  If in windy conditions, wall rebar stakes are not recommended as the rough rebar will chafe the wall nylon stake loops. 


TENT SIZE            EAVE/RIDGE         FLY        WALL

8X10                             12                       10           10

10X12                           12                       10           10

12X14                           14                       12           12

14X16                           14                       12           12

16X20                           18                       16          16

16X24                           20                       18           18