Tipis available by Montana Canvas and Panther Pyramid.


All Montana Canvas tipis are fire, water & mildew treated.


Panther Pyramid has several fire, water & mildew options to choose. 


Tipis for sale are based on the traditional Sioux tipis.  All of our tipis include a tipi door cover in the event of inclement weather.


Tipi, tipis, teepee, teepees, tee pee, tee pees or however you want to spell it means a Native American Tent.


All tipis are constructed of Army duck double fill canvas, the highest quality canvas available.


Also available are ouzans and tipi liners.


Tipi poles are very expensive and are also very expensive to ship. We recommend you purchase tipi poles locally or make them yourselves. 




"You guys make a sweet tipi.  Its all good product.  Now I want to buy the big stove for my tipi."  -Hermann
"Hi Rich.  I have been meaning to email you for awhile.  The 5  tipis arrived on time just like you promised, which was great.  They are fantastic and just what we wanted.  It is always a risk purchasing items over the internet as I am sure you are aware.  Anyways, thank you for your assistance and good service.  We will  be ordering more tipis.  Many thanks again."  -Peter 


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