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Each Panther tent is priced below retail. Email me for quote on Panther Primitive Tent. Ensure you specify Panther Primitives tent model and size for quote.

Click wall tents to view additional Reenactor wall tents, standand wall tents and spike tents. My Civil War Reenactor tent is a quality reenactor at a very reasonable price. Civil War and Hunter Tents ship date is usually 1 to 2 weeks. Reenactor tent is also known as a civil war tent.

A Panther tent is normally shipped 4 to 6 weeks after ordering.

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Wall Height
Flame Retardant Canvas
10 oz Sunforger Marine Boatshrunk
10.38 oz Sunforger w/Flame Retardant
13 oz Sunforger w/Flame Retardant
10" Sod Cloth
SET-UP PKG. 2 Uprights, 1 Ridge, guy ropes & stakes (no out-side wall poles)
Medieval Color Option
(10 oz flame retardant canvas only)
10x8 8'4" 4' $540 $400 $480 $530 $36 $200 $64
10x10 8'4" 4' $625 $460 $555 $620 $40 $252 $66
10x12* 8'4" 4' $725 $535 $645 $720 $44 $272 $68
10x14 8'4" 4' $825 $600 $730 $820 $48 $296 $73
10x16 8'4" 4' $910 $665 $800 $900 $52 $322 $80
12x12* 9' 5' $875 $645 $770 $865 $48 $322 $73
12x14 9' 5' $910 $665 $800 $900 $52 $296 $80
12x16 9' 5' $1005 $735 $895 $995 $56 $322 $85
12x18* 9' 5' $1100 $800 $970 $1085 $60 $420 $92
14x16 10' 5' $1210 $890 $1070 $1200 $60 $383 $98
14x18* 10' 5' $1380 $1000 $1200 $1365 $64 $433 $110

*Denotes a size that can be seam engineered. (see info below)

SHIPPING: FOB West Virginia

Medieval Color Options: Red, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, Khaki, Purple IN FLAME RETARDENT CANVAS ONLY.

Flame retardent canvas has a special water mildew treatment that allows the canvas to be dyed. However, the flame treated canvas will shrink 5-7%.

Standard Features Options Price
Front Door w/flap & ties Partition

$75 8-10' wide

$100 12-14' wide

Back Door w/flap & ties Stove Jack/hole 4",5",6" location customer choice (flame retardant tents only) $60
  Ridge Opening for Pole - Western Style $45
  Split Corners - wall roll up corners can be split w/overlap facings & ties $50 per side
  Side Poles $15 each - figure a pole every 18"
  Scallops call for pricing
  Stakes , ropes, tensioners


  Window 24" X 24" $45
  1 foot taller walls

$50 8-12' long

$68 14' & longer



We highly recommend the use of a ground cloth with your tent. It keeps moisture from coming up through the ground and gives you a clean floor for walking and set-ting gear. When used in conjunction with a sod cloth, a ground cloth can completely seal out wind, moisture, and insects. We offer you two styles of ground cloths to choose from.

REGULAR GROUND CLOTH - These are made of 10 oz. waterproof mildew resistant canvas. Colors may vary between off white to a tan/brown. This is the type of ground cloth that has been around for years. It has about a 5% shrinkage factor.

SUPER GROUND CLOTH - In a matter of days a patch of pretty green grass can turn into a black mass of rotten goo on the bottom of your canvas ground cloth. That’s why for stays of a week or more we’ve created this SUPER GROUND
CLOTH. The bottom is rip resistant woven blue polyethylene to seal out ground moisture and protect the SUNFORGER canvas top layer. You no longer have to carry a separate piece of plastic to lay down under your ground cloth, because its
built right in to our SUPER GROUND CLOTH!

Size Regular Groud Cloth Super Ground Cloth
8x10 $88 $116
10x10 $110 $145
10x12 $132 $174
10x14 $154 $203
10x16 $176 $232
12x12 $158 $209
12x14 $185 $244
12x16 $211 $278
12x18 $238 $313
14x16 246 $324
14x18 $277 $365


There are many, many uses for tent flys, both by themselves and in conjunction with other tents. With a wall tent or a wedge tent, a fly can be used as an insulation barrier, as a sun/rain canopy, or as both at the same time.

Our tent flys are designed to come off the end of a wall tent or wedge tent. We make our wall tents and non-military wedge tents with peak grommets so you can support one end of the fly’s ridge pole on top or your tent, requiring just one more center upright to hold up the other end. We give you heavy duty triangular rein-forcements in all 4 corners and at the peak grommet locations (Peak grommets are included). Heavy duty cotton loops are spaced every 24” along the short sides of the fly.

An 8’x16’ fly gives you a 7’9” porch, a 10’x16’ fly gives you a 9’9” porch, and so on. 16’ long flys are long enough to provide a good canopy area for most sizes of tents, but we recommend the 18’ long, for 14’ wide wall tents and wedge tents 8’ tall or higher.
NOTE: Our set-up pkg. for these includes guy ropes for the sides. No side poles are included.

Depth x Width
Flame Retardant Canvas
10.38 oz Sunforger Marine Boatshrunk
10.38 oz Sunforger w/Flame Retardant
13 oz Sunforger w/Flame Retardant

Set-Up Pkg
1 ridge, 2 upright poles & guy ropes

8 ft or shorter/ 8 ft or longer

Medieval Color Option
8x16 $223 $165 $198 $220 $190/ $240 $40
10x16 $276 $202 $242 $274 $243/ $293 $44
12x16 $335 $244 $293 $332 $264/ $314 $48
12x18 $372 $269 $325 $367 $264/ $314 $50
12x20 $405 $264 $356 $402 $264/ $314 $52


Save yourself the time and trouble of making poles, rope sets, etc! Our packages come with all the poles, ropes and tent stakes needed to set up your new home. Rope is top grade 3/8”manila with wooden sliders for tension adjust-ment. You’ll get enough of our iron stakes to set up your tent and a handy canvas carry bag for ropes & stakes. You can’t find better poles than these! We use our top grade kiln dried poles (see below), and if a pole is over 8• feet long we automatically splice it for you and include our steel splicing sleeve. This way the package can be shipped via UPS.

Marquee tents have both center uprights and the ridge pole spliced. If you do not wish to splice your poles just let us know and we’ll makethem as one piece units.


With your tent you will receive instructions on what size poles are needed and how to make them. Also included is information on stakes & ropes. If you decide to make your own poles, wait until you get your tent before you cut. This insures a custom fit! However, if you choose our set up package (see above) your poles will be made for you of top grade kiln dried lumber. These tough wood-en poles are the best we’ve seen. You’ll find that they provide peace of mind on those stormy nights!

PERIMETER UPRIGHT POLES are 1.5”x2” with an iron pin and a gal-vanized metal band around the top to prevent splitting! Used for mar-quee perimeter poles or wedges and wall tents 7’ tall and under.
6’ LONG......Cat. No. 1000-126-1......Ship Wt. 5 lbs. ea......$22ea.
7’ LONG......Cat. No. 1000-127-1......Ship Wt. 5 lbs. ea......$22 ea.

CENTER UPRIGHT POLES for marquees and large sizes of wall tents are a little bigger, 1.5”x2.5”, and are sectioned for easier transport and reduced shipping if the pole is over 8• feet long. CALL FOR PRICES.

RIDGE POLES are 1.5”x3.5” with a curved top edge and holes placed 2” in from each end to accept upright pins. Poles longer than 8• feet are sectioned for you. CALL FOR PRICES.



If you like, you can have us “Seam Engineer” your tent. This is also called “Skeletal Framework Design”, and what it means is that your pole positions (grommets or loops) are placed at every seam instead of at measured intervals around the tent’s perimeter. If you request this option, it is no additional charge. Certain tents, like rounded or belled ones are made this way automatically by the very nature of their design, but you have a choice on certain sizes of tents that are square or rectangular.


Any square or rectangular tent whose dimensions are divisible by 3 can beseam engineered. For example, a 9’x12’ marquee can be seam engineered. The resulting tent would actually measure about 8’3”x11’ (3 panels of canvas wide x 4 panels of canvas long minus an allowance for seams). For your convenience, we’ve placed a * on the price chart beside any tent for
which seam engineering is available. Please note that by choosing this optionyou will end up with a tent that is smaller than the normal size on the chart (see below).


All your roof seams will automatically line up with your wall seams, so your tent has a more symmetrical look. Also, because your poles are closer together, and because they are all lined up with your seams you can get a more rigid set up on a large tent such as a marquee. All of your support poles are about 33” apart from each other on this style of tent and only full width panels of canvas are used.


Your tent will require more poles for set-up. For example, our standard 18’x24’ marquee takes 20 perimeter poles, but if it is “seam engineered” it needs 30. More importantly, because each panel of canvas is only about 33” wide after allowing for seams, the actual size of our 18’x24’ marquee becomes about 16’6”x22’ (8 panels long x 6 panels wide). Because canvas lots vary in width, these dimensions will vary.

Here are the approximate dimensions of our marquees after they’ve been seam engineered.

9’x12’ becomes about 8’3”x11’
9’x15’ becomes about 8’3”x13’9”
12’x12’ becomes about 11’x11’
12’x15’ becomes about 11’x13’9”
12’x18’ becomes about 11’x16’6”
15’x15’ becomes about 13’9”x13’9”
15’x18’ becomes about 13’9”x16’6”
15’x21’ becomes about 13’9”x19’3”
18’x18’ becomes about 16’6”x16’6”
18’x24’ becomes about 16’6”x22’

CALL US to find out how many extra poles, ropes & stakes you’ll need and how much cost they will add to your set-up package.

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