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4 Dog stoves will normally ship 3-5 business days after ordering

Four Dog shown with side shelf, water tank - cook hole option not available.

Click here to view more detailed images.

Four Dog shown with side shelf, water tank and cook hole


Click Wall Tent Stoves for pictures and info on the 35 tent stove and pack stove models by Cylinder Stoves, Four Dog Stove, Kni-Co Stove, Kwik Kamp Stove, Riley Stove, Mountaineer Stove, Titanium Stove, and Sims Stove. I have a pack stove or tent stove that will meet your budget and requirement.

  1. AIR TIGHT DOOR AND BAFFLE ON ALL THE 4 DOG STOVE MODELS MAKES THESE STOVES VERY EFFICIENT TENT WOOD STOVES . Baffle is 2" below stove pipe hole x 8.5" wide + width of stove. 3 Benefits of Baffle
    1. More efficient: forces flames,heat to go around baffle before exiting firebox.
    2. Safer. Prevents most sparks landing on tent roof or surrounding area. Spark arrestor is still recommended to reduce chance of spark burning a hole in canvas roof.
    3. Cleaner Tent. Almost all ash stays in the firebox due to the baffle plate.
  2. Four Dog stove door 10 guage - 1/8" steel
  3. Four Dog sides, bottom and top are 13 guage - 3/32" steel
  4. Fiberglass seal on door - airtight stove is more efficient and requires less wood. The 4 Dog stove is one of four tent wood stoves that I am aware of that has air tight doors. An air tight door is an important factor when considering which wall tent stove to buy.
  5. Four Dog accessories fit inside firebox
  6. Quality galvanized steel nesting stove pipe, 5" at stove, 4" at pipe end. Stove pipes fit inside each other, large to small, for storage and transport in firebox. Total length of assembled pipe, 77".
  7. Door air intake diverter prevents sparks from popping out through door air intake hole. Having an air intake diverter on the stove door is a critical requirement if you have a tent floor. Sparks landing on vinyl or non fire proof canvas can possibly start a fire.
  8. Stove top reinforced with a 3/8" square steel bar, 7" from front and also 7" from rear. 5 Dog also reinforced with 3/8" square bar on sides.
  9. Easy installation clip in legs
  10. Handles on back and front of stove for easy transport. The handles on each of the stoves make the 4 Dog much easier for one person to transport than other stoves. More importantly, handles easily allows 2 people to carry the stove. Which is quite important when considering the weight of a heavy stove with all accessories stored inside the firebox.
  11. Burns coal or wood. If you plan on burning coal it is best to use a grate to allow air under the coal for the coal to burn better. You should remove the ash daily when using coal. Otherwise the ash will fill up the area under the grate negating the effectiveness of the grate.
  12. S&H:
    1. 2 Dog $55, 3 Dog & 4 Dog Models: $65.00,
    2. 5 Dog: $75,
    3. Hawaii, Alaska and Canada email or call for additional shipping charges. Stove shipped to Alaska and Hawaii are normally shipped priority mail or parcel post to reduce shipping charges.
  13. You can order the following items online:
    1. Stove package consisting of warming tray, nesting pipe, water tank and damper with pipe sleeve
    2. Stove and warming tray
    3. Stove with any accessories you want.


Stoves shown w/accessories which can be
ordered below

Two Dog
Three Dog
Four Dog
Five Dog
Tent heating capability, 0º
Tent heating capability, -30º
Holds heat
6 - 7 hours
8-9 hours
9-10 hours
10-11 hours
18"L x 11"w x 11"h
24"L x 12.5"w x 11.5"h
24"L x 15.5"w x 11.5"h
26"L x 15.5" w x 15"h
Height w/legs
Stove pipe size at stove
40 lbs
50 lbs
58 lbs
66 lbs
Price-Stove only
Stove & Warming Tray Only Order


2 Dog w/shelf 40 lbs $200
5" Nesting Stove 6 lbs $34
3.5 gallon water tank 8 lbs $95
Damper & sleeve/riser 2 lbs $16
2 Dog DELUXE Package (all the above) $5.00 savings 58 lbs $340
2 Dog DELUXE Package $340 Shipping : $55 TOTAL $395  

2 Dog STANDARD Package (Same as deluxe package without water tank) $245 ($5 savings) shipping $55 TOTAL $300



3 Dog w/side shelf 50 lbs $230
5" Nesting Stove Pipe 6 lbs $34
4 gallon water tank 9 lbs $95
Damper w/5" pipe sleeve 2 lbs $16
3 Dog DELUXE Package (all the above) $5.00 savings 70 lbs $370
3 Dog DELUXE Package $370 Shipping $65 TOTAL $435  

3 Dog STANDARD Package (Same as deluxe package without water tank) $275($5 savings ) shipping $65 TOTAL $340



4 Dog w/side shelf 58 lbs $265
5" Nesting Stove Pipe 6 lbs $34
4 gallon water tank 9 lbs $95
Damper w/5" pipe sleeve 2 lbs $16
4 Dog DELUXE Package (all the above) $5.00 savings 78 lbs $405
4 Dog DELUXE Package $405 Shipping $65 TOTAL $470  

4 Dog STANDARD Package (Same as deluxe package without water tank $310 ( $5 SAVINGS) Shipping $65 TOTAL $375



5 Dog w/side shelf 66 lbs $320
5" Nesting Stove Pipe 6 lbs $34
4 gallon water tank 9 lbs $95
Damper w/5" pipe sleeve 2 lbs $14
5 Dog DELUXE Package (all the above) $5.00 savings 86 lbs $460
5 Dog DELUXE Package $460 Shipping $75 TOTAL $535  

5 Dog STANDARD Package (Same as deluxe package without water tank) $365 ($5 SAVINGS) Shipping $75 TOTAL $440


Photo-Click to enlarge
Description Price S&H Order
3' X 4'
$35 $15



$35 $15


4 sections 2' long




$65 when you want the nesting pipe and straight pipe & elbows

$65 when not ordered with a wilderness or yukon stove.





No additional shipping charges for accessories when ordered with stove.
Accessories listed below cannot be ordered without ordering a stove and will not be processed.

Accessory Description
5" diam nesting stove pipe - 4 sections, 26 guage Galvanized steel (when assembled gives you 77" of stove pipe)
4 gallon, welded stainless steel (3, 4 & 5 Dog models)
3.5 gallon, welded stainless steel (2 Dog model)
Removable 7"x23" side shelf (3, 4 & 5 Dog models)
Removable 7"x17" side shelf (2 Dog model)
5" or 4" diam adjustable elbow
5" or 4" diam cast iron damper with 5" sleeve pipe (pre-drilled for damper) The 5" damper sleeve must be the first pipe that fits on the 4 dog stove.
Spark Arrestor - Wire mesh
5" to 6" stove pipe adapter
4" to 5" stove pipe adapter

WARMING OVENS- click to enlarge photo

WARMING OVENS: Riley Warmng oven works only for baking when placed on top of stove.

Slim on top of Nugget
Nugget 15"x12"x8" 8 lbs $125
Shipping: $25
Slim (Warming) 12"x9"x5" 5 lbs $65
Shipping $20


1. We received our 4 Dog and installed it yesterday. It works great - what a difference. If you ever need a testimonial for marketing or whatever, I'd be happy to supply one. Jeff

2. I got my stove yesterday. This is a GREAT STOVE. Thanks for recommending a 4 Dog.

3.This is a wonderful stove. These are photos of stove set up in my tent. We stay very warm

4. Thank you for fast shipping. I am impressed. I will recommend you for stoves and tents.

5. The 4 Dog stove performed flawlessly. It kept the tent warm surprisingly with very little wood. Thanks again. You have a great website. It was a pleasure doing business with you.



Carefully review the stove characteristics of each stove you are considering, most importantly stove dimensions. To effectively compare each stoves heating capability/size of the firebox multiply the stoves width x length x height to determine the total cubic inches of the firebox. Deduct 15% of the total firebox cubic inches if the stove is round or octagon. The size of the firebox determines the heating capabiity of the different stoves you are considering. It should be noted that stoves with airtight doors and baffles significantly increases a stoves heating efficency. If you are in a climate with very cold conditions you might want to consider moving up one stove size above the manufacturers tent size heating recommendation.


  • Put 1/2" - 1" of dirt or sand in firebox to reduce heat on bottom of stove where most burn outs occur.
  • NEVER put your stove on a tent floor or other flammable material.
  • Have a nonflammable area in front of your stove in case sparks or wood falls out of your stove when you open the door.
  • Always ensure your stove is on a level surface to avoid any possible problems.
  • Never allow your stove to get so hot that your stove or stovepipe becomes red. A red hot stove will cause the metal to warp. Reduce airflow on your door air intake to reduce the stove temperature.
  • If you are going camping in the backcountry I strongly recommend you take a kettle to boil drinking water 5 minues to prevent guardia lamblia. Water in the water tank normally doesn't boil.
  • I would recomend a stove constructed of 3/32" to 1/8" steel if you are not packing in where weight is a major consideration. The heavier stoves are much more durable and will last much longer.

IF YOU ARE GOING TO CAMP IN COLD WEATHER consider purchasing a stove that is one size larger than the stove designed for your size of tent. The one size larger stove will ensure that you stay warmer in very cold or wet conditions. Additionally, you will need a very warm tent to dry out wet boots and clothes.

COMPARE THE LISTED STOVE HEATING DURATION of each stove you are considering vs actual size of its firebox. Some stove manufacturers list very long burn times compared to other manufacturers with approximately the same size of firebox.

PURCHASE A DAMPER: A damper in the stove pipe does not allow the heat to escape quickly which increases the stove heating efficiency 10-15%.

STOVE HEATING CAPACITY VS STOVE HEATING DURATION : To me, how long the fire burns at night is more important than tent size heating capability. I need a stove large enough to burn all night to dry my boots and clothes during hunting season.

STOVE COOK HOLE: I would not recommend a hunter order the stove cook hole option. Everytime you remove the cook hole or cook over the open cook hole you will have smoke in your tent. The smoke comes out of the cook hole much faster than when you open the stove door becaue the smoke is rising from the heat. An open stove cook hole is just like having no pipe in the stove pipe hole on the top of your stove. Any smoke inside your tent will cuase the inside of the tent, you and your clothes to smell like smoke. Once the inside of a tent has a strong smell of smoke you will have to open the tent doors and windows for several days to air it out to reduce the smell of smoke.

STORING YOUR STOVE: Always remove all ash from your stove before storing it for the winter. Ash in the stove firebox will draw condensation and cause your stove to rust on the inside.

SPARK ARRESTOR IS NOT REQUIRED: for a Four Dog stove. However, some national forest regulations require spark arrestors for fire prevention. Check national forest regulations in your area to possibly prevent receiving a ticket.However, I still recommend a spark arrestor for all stoves to further reduce the possibility of a stove spark burning a hole in your canvas tent roof.

STOVE AREA REQUIREMENTS IN A TENT: You must plan on a stove taking up to 7 feet along a wall in your tent. There is an automatic 2 + feet standoff from the front wall due to the stove jack location. The stove itself is normally around 2 feet in length. There is normally a 3 feet heat standoff distance from the stove before you can place a cot or table.

REDUCE SMOKE ODOR IN YOUR HUNTING TENT: To reduce smoke in your tent always open the stove door slowly with the damper wide open. If you open the stove door quickly , the smoke is drawn into the tent.

STOVE PIPE ABOVE RIDGE OF TENT: It is best to have your stove pipe long enough to extend 6 inches or more above the tent ridge. Having the stove pipe above the tent ridge allows the wind coming from any direction to blow sparks away the tent roof thus reducing the possibilty of spark holes being burnt in the roof.

FIRE TREATED CANVAS VS STOVE SPARKS: Stove sparks will even burn holes in a fire treated roof. A spark arrestor will prevent most sparks from reaching your roof. However, the only 100 per cent method to prevent spark holes in a tent roof is to use a fly to protect the roof.

CREOSOTE BUILD UP IN YOUR STOVE PIPE: The more you damper the stove pipe down or/and reduce the air intake on the stove door the more creosote build up you will have in the stove pipe and spark arrestor. If you get too much creosote in the stove pipe you can possibly have a fire in your stove pipe. When breaking camp, remove the creosote in your stove pipe by gently banging the stove pipes together to loosen the creosote. It is normal to periodically clean the spark arrestor every 2-3 days.

REENACTOR STOVE: The most authentic looking reenactor stove is the 4 Dog stove. All 4 Dog models arerectangled shape compared to the current round or octagonal shape stoves.

CURING THE PAINT ON A NEW WOOD STOVE: Set your new stove up in your backyard or driveway and burn wood in the stove for 1-2 hour to cure the paint. Burning wood in your new stove will cause a burning smell. You will have this burning smell on your hunting clothes if you do not cure the stove at home before hunting season.

SPARK ARRESTOR : When properly used this device reduces the amount of sparks coming out of the stove pipe. Check spark arrestor daily to inure there is no buildup of creosote blocking the smoke from going through the spark arestor.

NON FLAMMABLE AREA around your stove should be a minimum of 2 feet. This 2 foot standoff prevents any flammables from catching fire due to the stove heat, prevents sparks from popping through the air intake openings and catching flammales on fire and also in case sparks pop out when you open the stove door.

WOOD FOR STOVES: Dry hardwoods burn the most efficiently and provide the most heat. If you use soft woods you will have to cut much more firewood and you will have more creosote buildup.


WATER HEATER: Install the spigot in the hole in the water tank. Insure you place the rubber washer on the outside of the water tank and the nut on the inside of the tank. Before starting a fire in the stove attach the water tank to the stove by using the brackets. Fill water tank with water. Always keep the water tank filled. A filled water tank prevents the washer on the spigot from melting and also warping the water tank. I recommend you remove the water tank at night to prevent any chance the water tank might go empty.

STOVE EFFICIENCY: It is best to use dry hardwoods. Standing dead trees are usually the driest wood available. However, never cut down a dead tree by yourself. Cut down dead trees at you own risk as it is very dangerous. Always have a spotter watching the top ot the tree . Sometimes when a dead tree is about to fall it causes the top 5-10 feet of the tree to break off and can fall on top of you. The result will be a major accident or death.

CAMPING IN WINDY CONDITIONS: Recommend you secure all sections of stove pipe at the joints and where the pipe attaches to the stove with sheet metal screws. Windy conditions will cause the stove pipe to loosen when the tent roof billows in the wind.


All Four dog items sold are 100 % made in the USA
All items carry 100% money back guarantee, if not fully satisfied, return for full refund of purchase price within 30 days from date of sale in un-used condition. (items will only be accepted for return with authorization number, the customer is responsible for all shipping charges)

All Four Dog Stove Model are intended for heavy outdoor cooking and heating use, for hunters, campers, historical reenactors in 100% cotton tents

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